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Dr. Steven Grantham
Your Eastman Chiropractor

Since January 2011, I had been in constant pain all over my body.  I could not perform regular duties around the house without being in pain.  It hurt to lie down or sit up.  I couldn't sleep at night because of the pain.  I had gone through blood tests, chest x-rays, MRIs, and several medications before coming to Bearden Chiropractic Center.

Dr. Grantham's staff was extremely courteous and cheerful.  They make you feel important and welcomed even though I didn't know them.  They really are genuinely concerned about you as an individual.  What I like most about my care is that Dr. Grantham explained fully my condition so that I could understand my problem.  There is nothing that needs to be improved upon at this office.

Now I can sleep through the night.  I can walk without pain and I can do more everyday chores that I could not do before.  I am off my pain medications!!!  I am walking over 30 minutes a day without pain.  I can care for myself without asking for help.  I now look forward to each day knowing that its better than the one before.  I would definitely recommend coming to this office.  I thank God that I gave it a try and that it is working well in my life.  I feel like a new person.
Norma T. of Eastman

  • "I have been bothered most of my life with bad sinuses, headaches, and shortness of breath. For the past three years it has been getting worse. I had seen doctors for allergies/asthma and was given medicine. I might as well have been drinking water.

    Everyone at Bearden Chiropractic Center is friendly and Dr. Grantham seemed to be honest and to the point. He told me after the examination if he didn't feel he could help me he would not touch me. However, after being under care with Dr. Grantham I can go outside and be more comfortable. I am not bothered nearly as bad with headaches and my nose is running less. I can even breathe through my nose now! I would recommend Dr. Grantham!"
    Neal S. of Cochran
  • "For over three years I suffered with headaches, allergies, and digestive problems. I had seen eye doctors, a general practitioner, and taken over the counter medication. After being under care at Bearden Chiropractic Center I can go outside without my eyes swelling and running. I didn't realize that my ears were so stopped up! Everything has drained out and I now can hear. The staff is very friendly, and have a genuine care and concern for their patients. I quickly recommend trying this office before doing anything else."
    Jenny R. of Eastman
  • "Before coming into Bearden Chiropractic Center I was experiencing low back pain and limited movement, and it was increasingly getting worse over the years. At first I went to physical therapy, few chiropractic visits with one time visits and no plan and ibuprofen up to 800 milligrams, and other pain meds. The staff here at Bearden Chiropractic Center have been extremely friendly and respectful, making me feel more comfortable. What I liked most about my care was the great staff and plan of care. I now take much less medicine in the way of pain meds. I have more movement and less overall pain. I can function with less pain and sleep better. The doctors set up a realistic plan of care that is achievable."
    Cynthia L. of Cochran
  • "Since the age of 13 I have suffered with frequent migraines. I had seen an optometrist, gynecologist, taken birth control and over the counter medications. After being under care with Dr. Grantham, I now can go through the day without a migraine and can get more things done. I am able to do more housework and have a lot more play time with my kids. I could have not met a sweeter or nicer staff. Everyone made me feel very comfortable. The entire plan of care was explained in detail step by step. I was very comfortable about asking questions, and the staff also took time to answer them. I can now concentrate more on any activity instead of limiting myself because of worry about getting a migraine. I sleep better and wake every morning relaxed and full of energy! I gladly recommend this office because of the caring staff, great results, and excellent doctors."
    Kimberly C. of Milan

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  • "Excellent staff who really really care about their patients!!! They treat you like family instead of just another patient I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Bearden Chiropractic Center"
    Kyle D. | Eastman, GA

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